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Advancing Exotic Animal Care

We are excited to have Dr. Danielle Dougherty, DVM, and her husband, Josh Halter, owner and founder of The BioDude in Webster, TX, on our exotics team! Let’s face it, with the presence of social media and other online networks, finding husbandry information has never been easier. However, finding accurate, up to date information can prove to be more challenging. In partnership with The BioDude, we've made it our mission to help you find the latest and most reliable information on the herps we love. Thanks to Dr. D and The BioDude, we are able to provide you with different vendors to guide you on the path to providing the best care, rather than basic care, by using research driven practices and techniques.


The Bio Dude Inc

The Bio Dude specializes in 100% self-cleaning, self-maintaining BioActive ecosystems. Reinforcing natural behaviors and making your husbandry practices easier by nourishing their natural instincts and replicating their natural habitat as closely as possible. Use code VETREFERRAL to get 15% off of your order. Some exclusions apply.



ReptiFiles is a great all in one source for all information pertaining to your herps. It’s hard to sift through all of the various resources to get the information you need to know on how to care for your herps. Everything on their website is factual, evidence based, and 100% free of charge because they want to help you provide the very best care for your pet reptile(s).


Reptile Kages

Reptile Kages is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC Reptile enclosures in the USA. Specializing in larger enclosures for larger herps, these Kages will last the lifetime of the animal, are 100% BioActive ready and correlate with the minimum cage size recommendations for updated husbandry practices. Each enclosure is built to order in Minnesota and ships out worldwide in 15-30 buisness days. Did we mention they offer FREE SHIPPING?! Use code KAGESRULE to get 5% off your order.


H.E.R.P.S. Reptile Show H.E.R.P.S. (Houston Exotic Reptile Pet Shows) is a great avenue for sourcing healthy, captive bred animals at a reasonable price. HERPS takes enormous pride in their vendor selection, animal selection and are very passionate about providing healthy animals to the pet market. With reptile shows all over the country, they are your go to for local herp acquisition.

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