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Dr. Steve Sullivan, DVM (Owner)

Dr. Sullivan was born and raised in Pasadena and graduated high school from Deer Park (go fighting deer!). He knew at a very early age that he wanted to either be a veterinarian or dig for dinosaur bones. When he matured to a ripe old age of 8, his interest in dinosaurs waned but not his interest in animal medicine. That was when he knew he was destined to be a veterinarian, or vegetarian, as he used to say. Dr. Sullivan graduated from Texas A&M (go fighting Aggies!) in 1996, with a veterinary degree and started working at Red Bluff Animal Hospital as an associate. In June 2005, he bought the clinic. Realizing he was getting way too much sleep, he bought Richey Animal Clinic in 2006. Dr.

Sullivan has been happily married since 1997 and has 3 young boys: Zach, Connor, and Jacob. In his free time he likes to…wait, he doesn’t have any free time. If he did have free time, he would be playing Wii, playing sports and going fishing with his sons.  In February 2011, Dr. Sullivan added Molly, a rescue Goldenoodle mix, to his family. She does wonderfully with his kids and he proudly claims that she is the best dog ever.

Fun Fact: Dr. Sullivan likes Real Genius, a cult classic starring Val Kilmer, so much that he would be willing to sit through it fifty times in a row.

Dr. David Kleck, DVM

Coming soon!

Dr. Ron Ulfohn, DVM

Dr. Ulfohn always imagined he’d be treating human patients. By the time he received his bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, he realized he got along better with dogs and cats.

Raised in Maryland, Dr. Ulfohn is a 1986 graduate of the Virginia - Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech in beautiful Blacksburg, Virginia. He enjoys the diagnostic challenges of internal medicine and addressing allergies through dermatology.

Dr. Ulfohn speaks Spanish and loves being an adopted Texan. He relaxes with books and outdoor pursuits. He lives with a couple of cats, a dog, a lovebird, tropical fish, wife Lise and two teenage sons, Jeremy and Gabriel.


Fun Fact:  He feels pretty certain he has retained more commercial jingles from the 1960’s and 70’s than most people his age.